Power to the people

The big energy companies are hiking their prices, would we be better off without them? Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

Britain’s energy supply is far to important to be left in the hands of private companies putting profit before people.

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Strangers at the gates

Festung Europa must open its gates and end this inhumane policy on immigration.

The human cost of emmigration to Europe. Map from 2006/2007

Each year tens of thousands of people risk their lives to enter Europe by sea from Africa. They are on the move for a myriad of causes. Poverty, war and natural disasters are some of the main push effects making people pack up and leave. Sadly the European nation’s attitude towards these immigrants and refugees has not been good. Despite evidence of how many actually die trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, action is nowhere to be seen.

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Fight back or see victory slip away

What will your next moves be, Ed?

Ed Miliband and his crew are in the shit. Growth in GDP in the second quarter of this year on 0.6% gave the Tory media the ammo it wanted so badly to elevate Chancellor Osborne to the status of a demigod and blast Labour for being wrong all along. The recent spats over Labours links with the unions haven’t helped either.

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