Cold spring?

Russian soldier deployed to Crimea in Ukraine

The Russian parliament has approved the use of military force and troops has been deployed in Crimea, is the peninsula already occupied?

Tension is high about the situation in Ukraine. The UN Security Council debates the situation and Obama has spent 90 minutes discussing with Putin, warning that Russia risk economic isolation.

The new government in Kiev, including several fascists has chosen a hard line against the Russian minority in Ukraine, by disqualifying Russian as an official language in the country.

Russian troops, alledgedly numbering over 15,000 has been deployed to Crimea. Not only is the majority of the population there Russian speaking, but Sevastapool is also home to the Russian black sea fleet, so the area is of imense strategic importance.

This spring could be a cold one for Europe, as Ukraine could be a proxy battlefield for a showdown between the US, the EU and Russia.


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