Gove’s War

Education Secretary Michael Gove has recently been the man of the front pages and column inches. Gove wants to revert educational method and bring back some kind of classical system with more “chalk and talk” and stricter discipline.

Gove is a former journalist and very good at making headlines. His recent ventures has as usual been controversial and angered many like teacher unions and modern pedagogues.

Education minister Michael Gove is once again in the trenches.

Education minister Michael Gove is once again in the trenches.


Political partisanship should not have anything to do with how kids are educated, but as with everything else, politics is always present. The advances made by right-wingers like Gove must be challenged and forced to withdraw.

Promises of stricter discipline and less modern yada-yada goes down well with many reactionary voters on the right, already fans of the usual law and order arguments.

Gove want’s longer days and shorter holidays, but that is simply a bad idea. Teachers already put in long weeks and stretching their resources even further is not going to do any good. Countries like Finland show how shorter days can be a good thing, if filled with good teaching.

In a recent speech a said he wants to tear down the divide between state and fee paying schools, by making the state schools so good that the different would not be noticeable. How on earth is he going to do this? Fee-paying schools have so much more resources at their disposal. More staff, more and better equipment, better access green areas and outdoor facilities.

Should staffing in state schools be raised to the same level as in the fee-paying ones, the numbers of teachers in the UK would need to be trebled. Access to sports facilities and outdoor areas on the same level for all would require development of massive chunks of land. Sorry lads but it will never happen.

The education minister is simply not fit for purpose if he alienates all those involved in education in this country. Time for a pair of fresh eyes Mr. Gove?


One thought on “Gove’s War

  1. Well said! No amount of wishing for equality is going to magically cause it to come to be. He needs to talk actual methods if he wants anyone to take this new load of rubbish seriously.

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