Fight back or see victory slip away

What will your next moves be, Ed?

Ed Miliband and his crew are in the shit. Growth in GDP in the second quarter of this year on 0.6% gave the Tory media the ammo it wanted so badly to elevate Chancellor Osborne to the status of a demigod and blast Labour for being wrong all along. The recent spats over Labours links with the unions haven’t helped either.

Labour has been surfing a wave of unpopularity for the government, but not building a proper alternative in public, it seems like they have squandered their momentum. When coalition policies start to yield positive results, Labours key argument, that the coalition is just wrong, is easily decimated.

In addition to policies, Labour lacks a strong and charismatic leader who can lead the charge and inspire his team to greatness. Ed has so far failed to be that leader, but things can still change.

The big question for the voters is: what does Labour want? Until that has been answered Ed will not poll the good personal ratings he needs to boost his party. Labour must be a party with its own visions, not a coalition-light quasi opposition.


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