Draft Bill shot down within minutes, no peace for PM

President Obama supports Cameron’s position on the EU and urges Britain to try to mend whats broken before deciding to break it off for good.

David Cameron wins support from Obama but creates confusion at home with a surprise move to propose draft Bill on EU membership referendum. Panic or tactical maneuvering?

westminster waffle

It is believed that the draft Bill is a move to appease the eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party, which has made quite a lot of noise in the wake of the last local election. Cameron’s dispatched peace dove was effectively shot down within 30 minutes as leading europsceptic backbenchers rejected the draft Bill as not good enough.

As it stands now Cameron’s authority as PM and party leader is significantly weakened. He clearly lacks control and leadership of his own party, struggling to find ways to unite the opposing fronts. Favourable words from president Obama will not get him far but is a nice little boost for him.

Internal pillow fighting threatens to sink the Tories even deeper in the polls. Voters does not put the EU at the top of their political priorities list, and a Tort obsession with the EU might look to the electorate as quarrelsome internal gibberish and power struggle.  Further splits among the conservatives will be petrol on the fire that tear the traditional political landscape apart. Non of the three “big” parties manages to establish themselves as good alternatives in the “two-party system”, but together with UKIP they slide towards a 4 party structure, that the first past the post system just can’t cope with and will deny large parts of the population any representation.


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