Scottish independence? Yes they can!

“Free Scotland”

The grumpy old elite in London gets even grumpier by the Scottish bid for independence. Their response has been a tirade of propaganda aimed at scaring the Scots from voting yes.

Scotland will not make on it’s own, it is to small, they say, even as it does not take much know knowledge of the world to know that that burger is a 100% bull. On 2 May 2002 East Timor became the first new state in the 21th century. In 2006, Montenegro separated from from Serbia. Both these countries have significantly less people than Scotland, East Timor having just over a million and Montenegro 650 000.

If these two small nations can function well on their won, why can’t Scotland? With a highly educated workforce, state of the art modern institutions, natural resources and indeed their own football team, it should have anything it needs.

Another argument against independence is that the Scottish economy is dependent on injections from England. It is as patronising as it is far from reality. A independent Scotland would of course organsie their finances than a Scotland under the shadow of Westminster.

The Scottish national party has voiced ambitions for a more social democratic economy, and there is good chances that it would run better than the right-wing mess of Cameron and Osborne, that does not take much anyway. It can pose a dangerous challenge to the English status quo on how the economy should be run, if the English can watch the prosperity of an independent, social democratic Scotland.

The No-campaign currently hold the lead in the polls, but as the referendum draws closer, we bet the Yes-campaign will gain the upper hand. It takes some time to break through the web of propaganda from the south, but it will succeed in the end.

We look forward to celebrate with a independent Scotland in 2014


2 thoughts on “Scottish independence? Yes they can!

  1. You might bet on a Yes vote but the bookies are indicating a No result.

    Of course there is no such thing as a “sure thing” but I’ve never met a poor bookie.

    1. Good point about the bookies. If the referendum had been held tomorrow, it would be a sound No majority.


      I believe the competition will grow closer as the referendum date approaches. The No Campaign will hopefully bring out their guns. it takes time to build an ideological alternative to the status quo for several hundred years. In the end I think the “battle” for the hearts and minds will be in the streets, it will be inteersting to see how it unfolds.

      And yes, there is never no such thing as a “sure thing”, but a good guess makes it more exciting.

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