Fear and loathing in Fleet Street

Hysteria in the press village. Cartoon by The Week

Party leaders sign late night agreement… Hysteria grips Fleet Street…. Press barons roll out big guns

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The new hand of God

Newly elected Pope Francis I greets the crowd in Rome Photograph: Osservatore Romano/Reuters

After a surprisingly short conclave, the cardinals elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina to be the next Pope, bishop of Rome and leader of catholics across the world. He inherits a mountains of problems for his church, but will the 76 year old will have the strength and more importantly will, to alter his church for the better.

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The death of a small giant

Hugo Chavez at his last rally

He was hated, he was loved, a charismatic and controversial actor on the world stage has passed away.

It was not a coup, unpopularity or the West that should prove to be the end of Chavez, but cancer. Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan vice president brought his nation and the world the news on a press conferance ealier tonight, clearly moved.

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