Osborne is a fool to believe in austerity

Chancellor George Osborne. Photo by HM Treasury

After the post of prime minister, the chancellor is arguably the most important in government. He who controls the purse has a lot of power. If he makes mistakes, the country suffers.

George Osborne is the champion of the coalitions austerity policy, claiming it is the only right medicine for the struggling economy. To slash welfare and shrink the public sector is a traditional Tory goal, so it should come as no surprise when Osborne uses the economic troubles as a sledgehammer to dismantle the welfare state socialists and social democrats spent decades to build.

Britain is not the only country subjected to austerity, across Europa it has been the norm since the crisis in 2008. Those with their wits intact warned against the consequences of this policy, now time has shown that they where right. Economies continue to struggle, unemployment is still high and the burden is put on the shoulders of the poor or unemployed.

The most prominent sector to enjoy the opposite of austerity is the banks. Enormous amounts of public money has been put into saving banks from themselves. Now the management of these banks, who in their greed and incompetence led their companies to the brink of ruin, award themselves millions in golden bonuses.

Even with the mountain of evidence growing larger by the day, Osborne and his Tory pals will not accept the fact that austerity is not working. Iceland let their banks to live by their own means, now the countries economy is bouncing back. The plan to refuse to borrow more to spend on improving the economy was incredibly stupid. Instead the plan is to borrow more to finance tax cuts for the wealthy and pay other debts when the economy continuous to fail

We hope Osborne does not know what he is doing, but that is must surely not the case. This is a planned bleeding of the economy, Britain has had way to much of this austerity poison it must be reversed, for the greater good of all!


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