Battlefield Eastleigh

Eastleigh byelection

Next weeks byelection has the promise to be something different from most other byelections. The byelection was triggered by the resignation of Liberal Democrat heavy weight and ex-minister Chris Huhne after he admitted to have made his then wife to take the penalty for his speeding. The coalition government parties are favorites to claim the seat, both going all in, sending in the big boys to shower their local champions in glory. The contest between in the Lib Dems and Tories in Eastleigh is symptomatic for the strained relationship between the two current bedfellows, but will it show the way for the national election?
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Osborne is a fool to believe in austerity

Chancellor George Osborne. Photo by HM Treasury

After the post of prime minister, the chancellor is arguably the most important in government. He who controls the purse has a lot of power. If he makes mistakes, the country suffers.

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Nasty foreign policy

Cartoon by Steve Bell for the Guardian newspaper.

A country’s foreign policy is often prone to contradictions as politicians try to balance a multitude of different interests. Factors concerning the economy and international trade often comes in conflict with humanitarian or ideological causes. In few instances is this more apparent than in Britain’s relationship with Islamic extremists.

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