Going global, seeking an international audience

Newspaper reader in Kashmir

The invention of internet has arguably been the greatest revolution in the media world since the Gutenberg press. Newspapers and magazines that was only read within the countries borders, and maybe in small numbers by expats, can now be accessed over the internet with the click of a button. Large media institutions has turned to the global market in search for more readers.

In early 2012, the Daily Mail claimed the top spot among the worlds newspapers websites, pushing down the New York Times. Statistics from comScore gives a clear impression on how fast the world has changed over the last decades. Only one-quarter of the dailymail.co.uk’s are located in Britain. For The Guardian, the largest web rival to the Daily Mail in Britain, one-third in Britain and another third in America.

How come two english publications are so popular among the Americans?

First there are two different historical backgrounds. In the US, newspapers have been region or city based, the largest centered in the most populated areas like New York, Boston, Chicago, L.A and San Fransissco. No newspaper ever gained a national dominance. To attract as many readers as possible, the city papers aimed for political center ground a neutral stance in many issues. In Britain, several papers grew to become national news outlets, and used political leanings to distinguish themselves from one another. National and global news coverage with political slant has proven to be highly popular in America, the success of right-wing Fox News can testify to that.

English press institutions like DailyMail and Guardian has put considerable effort into their American campaigns. Both papers now has branch offices in the US, tuning their presentation and news selection to the American market.

Even as the newspapers reach out to more and more people, they still struggle to keep it economical sustainable. How long can the Guardian go on publishing all of it’s content online before people get out of bed in the morning? Will the New York Times set up a full paywall like the Times of London?


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