Rape, the perfect crime?

Protest in India

Sexual violence has been in the spotlight recently, and rightly so. On December 16th a 23 year old Indian student was violently gang-raped on a bus on her way back from the cinema. The young woman later died of he wounds.

The incident was the drop that made the dam burst and India erupted in mass protest. Marches and rallies was organized outside the parliament and the police spread the crowds with tear gas.

One would hope that dreadful rape cases and statistics was exclusive to developing third world countries, and that modern high-tech nations with their laws and justice would fare better. Sadly it is not the case.

The UK is struggling with it’s own ghosts and the facts on the ground is not pleasant reading.

Today a new report has been published on the sexual predator Jimmy Savile, claiming he abused children in 14 hospitals over a period of 50 years. The Savile case offers a great opportunity’s to Britain to change it attitudes towards sexual violence and rape. It most not be another fart in the wind and dust on the shelf, it must be taken seriously.

All honour and kudos to The Independent that on Friday dedicated it’s front page to the tens of thousands of rapes not leading to convictions. Indy has championed the cause of victims of sexual violence before and the society should be grateful.

Estimates shows up to 95,000 people, most of the women, is raped every year. Of the 15,670 reported on average every year to the police, only 1,070 rapists is convicted each year. The lack of convicted rapists show both the complexity and difficulty involved in investigating rape cases and the lack of effort the society put in fighting the effort. Finding evidence and persuade people to witness is hard in many cases and it often boils down to word-against-word in the courtroom.

Rape victims need high quality support when they come forward and more resources must be available for police instigations. But simple talk of money is not enough, our attitudes must change, a revolution of the mind.

The rape statistics reminds us that we in some aspects still live in the dark ages.


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