Cameron’s referendum gamble

Dave Cameron promised a referendum on the EU, if he get’s relected.

It was his longest anticipated speech so far in his reign as prime minister. When David Cameron finally stepped up behind the mic and spoke, the words coming from his mouth has been tinkered over for months.

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Going global, seeking an international audience

Newspaper reader in Kashmir

The invention of internet has arguably been the greatest revolution in the media world since the Gutenberg press. Newspapers and magazines that was only read within the countries borders, and maybe in small numbers by expats, can now be accessed over the internet with the click of a button. Large media institutions has turned to the global market in search for more readers.

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Tablet computers, salvation for print media?

Magazines on a tablet

Sales of tablets has exploded and the range of tablet publications grow accordingly. Will the tablet bury traditional print media once and for all? Or be it’s salvation in a time of technological revolution?

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