The Romani camp that is curently the largest talky in Norway

When a group of about 200 Roma people set up a camp at Sofienberg Church in Oslo as a protest against what they claim to be unjustified bad treatment from Norwegian authorities, all hell broke lose. Social media has been flooded with racist remarks and hatred towards the Roma. The third largest political party in Norway, the so-called “progress party” has called for a forced deportation of all Roma people, joining the outrageous denouncement of a whole ethnic group as criminals, thieves and beggars.

The camp was forced to break up and re-located to an old quarry at Årvoll, in the northern district of the city. The move to continue the camp movement has caused continued outrage and the situation for the Roma people in Norway has become the largest debate in Norway this July.

As I live close to Årvoll I got on my bike this morning to check out the Roma camp. The results are these pictures of the camp.

Will write more soon

Click on teh images to enlarge.


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